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Newsletter: March 2018

[fa icon="calendar"] March 27, 2018 / by Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp

Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp

New Season. New Adventure.

pexels-photo-895231.jpegOur 2018 Summer schedule is here! Camp prices are scheduled to increase May 15th so book your summer camps early. Youth Adventure 10-12 and 8-9 camps are back, along with the classic Family camp. Don’t miss early bird pricing on all camps including Teen Pack and Father/Daughter Pack. 4 Mountain Peaks in 4 days is a new hiking camp we are offering this summer.

Our goal is provide you with an opportunity see some of the majestic mountains in the Southern Rockies and see God’s creation from their peaks. You should expect to be challenged with incredible terrain and invited by our experienced staff onto infrequently travelled backcountry trails. Based out of our Wilderness Site, we have daily hikes and scrambles to various mountain peaks guided by our experienced staff while returning each day to a warm wall tent and delicious food!

2018 Camp Schedule

Private Bookings


Blue Bronna offers private bookings in the summer! If you have a youth group, small group, bible study, mens/ladies group, family reunion, church group, or just a group of friends looking for facility rental, Blue Bronna should be your first call. We accommodate your group’s needs, whether you only want to rent accommodation, or the whole Blue Bronna experience including food and activities. For more information, please call our office at 403-803-4776 or email

Registration is open and we are excited to welcome you all back to our special piece of God’s creation. Take the time to invite your friends and your kids friends, like and share us on Facebook and Instagram so we can reach even more campers and families for the Glory of God.


We are recruiting staff for the 2018 summer season! If you have passion for ministry adventures in the wilderness, or feel God calling you to serve him in a unique way, I would encourage you to consider joining the Blue Bronna summer team. Positions are open and available on our website.

A new position is available at camp this summer. We are looking for a Social Media staff member from June to August. If you enjoy taking videos and love telling stories on Instagram and Facebook, then this position could be for you. The job description can be found here.

We are still seeking four more Senior staff positions, specifically Assistant Cook, a Program Director, and two other program staff male or female. Please encourage your university students or career friends to apply!


Prayer bookmarks will be arriving in the next newsletter once our staff team is finalized, so that you can remember to pray for us throughout the summer. There is still time to get your picture on the staff bookmark!! Come join us as staff for an amazing summer of wilderness adventures and faith building encounters with God.

The Blessing of Provision

The 26th Annual Blue Rendezvous fundraiser with the classic pie auction was a success. Our supporters raised !!!$42,517.00!!! This is an incredible boost to our finances, thank you so much to all who came out to support this ministry we are humbled and grateful for this provision. Without supporters like you, our mission to see people grow in faith would not be accomplished. We could not provide this opportunity for people to come and learn about Jesus in a beautiful wilderness setting.

You may remember that we were working hard to clear off a deficit in our general fund. At the start of 2018 we had around $25,000 in operating debt. We are excited to report that our debt balance is down to !!$0!! Generous donations this year as well as financial sacrifices by our winter staff, have allowed us to clear out this deficit before summer. Thanks to all who have helped, we are now DEBT FREE!

Help us keep it that way!


A group of donors have led the way and stepped up to remove this shortfall, we now want to encourage those of you who have been on the fence about making a donation, to consider supporting us with a one time or ongoing donation this month to put wind in our sails leading into the summer. If you make a donation this month to launch us into summer 2018 you will enable BBWC to hire the staff necessary to provide a professional faith filled program, ensure we can provide for the safety of our campers with well-maintained equipment and most important create room for more people to experience wilderness adventure with Jesus at BBWC.  


Our financial goal each year is to cover 40% of our annual budget with registration fees and to cover the remaining 60% with donations. Our budget each year is between $250-$300,000 so we count on receiving an incredible $150-180,000 each year in donations.

As we continuously improve in our ability to provide professional world class wilderness adventures with Jesus, the amount of donations required to do this increases. For every new camper that comes we need to add another donation to cover the costs that are not charged in the camp fee. Interestingly enough, we are growing, so we need your help to continue growing our base of financial support.

Maybe you have never donated before to BBWC and are interested in becoming a regular supporter of this amazing vision. We would invite you to start now, and become part of sustaining this unique, life changing ministry, become part of our 60% foundation and help us make a dent in the world for Christ.

We can’t wait for summer to come to begin taking campers into the wilderness with Jesus. Why not join the adventure as a donor and help put wind in our sails?


Speaker & Volunteers Needed

We are currently looking for gifted bible teachers to who would be interested in speaking at our camps. This would include providing spiritual direction to the campers throughout the duration of the camp and provide Bible based teaching during our campfire time. Our goal is to make the scriptures available to all who come to camp so that they can meet God for the first time or take the next step in their journey of Faith. If you are interested in speaking for one of our camps, please contact Byron Lengsfeld at

Volunteers are our engine and bring so much passion to our program! This summer we need lots of help in the kitchen, in the horse program, cabin leading, and for general maintenance. We also have a number of building projects in the works and would love to have your join the building crew. If this interest you, please contact our office for more information.

  • volcano-2646329.jpgVolunteers to join our building project team. We have a family cabin to finish up and a number of other construction projects in the works
  • 5-10 camp ready horses, a number of our horses are getting older and are close to being retired in the next year or two. We will miss them a lot as there are many camp memories made on their backs. We need to find some new camp friends and expect to spend $25,000 over the next two years to reduce the age of our herd. The ideal camp horse is 6-10 years old with a gentle but energetic personality. 15.1hh-15.2hh is ideal for the mountains. Breeding can be varied, but we have found in the past that Quarter horses with a bit of draft blood tend to be best. They have good athleticism while being strong enough to climb the hills. Do you know any horses like this? Our challenge is that these type of horses are in their prime and are expensive to purchase.
  • 1 Diesel Truck in excellent condition ready to go to work, safely transporting our horses from pasture to camp and everywhere in-between.

Wish List

To make summer great, we need the following:

  • sunset-2169751.jpg3-4 portable wood stoves to heat our tents, we are growing and need to add some additional stoves to our fleet to keep our campers warm at night. If you are a good welder these could be fabricated
  • 4 New Heavy Duty Giant Tarps
  • Volunteers to help transport horses. If you have a truck and trailer would you consider volunteering some time and fuel to help transport horses throughout the summer?
  • 40 round hay bales, 300 bushels of oats, 350 small square bales. For the past few years we have been grateful for the donation of hay and grain to our horse program. This can save us upwards of $10,000/year in feed costs. At the height of summer we have upwards of 35-40 hungry horses to keep fed and happy. That works out to at least 1 round bale/day, which is a lot of hay!
  • 2-3 board members willing to serve in leadership of the ministry


To read the latest update from Director, Cody Wilson, click here. 

We hope you have enjoyed the Spring edition of the Newsletter! You can download a complete PDF of the newsletter by clicking here.

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