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News: Summer 2018 Board Update

[fa icon="calendar"] July 18, 2018 / by Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp

Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp

We are very happy to be able to provide you with an update from interim board chair, George McGregor. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


As I sit here in front of my computer writing this update I can’t help but be amazed at how good God is.  We came into this camping season with a lot of unknowns. From Cody’s resignation and stepping down as the Executive Director to the board making the difficult decision of not accepting government grant funding because of the special clause we were expected to agree to even though it did not fit within our value and belief system. Funding, staffing, even board members and camp supporters all seemed to be in limbo.  But as we got closer things started falling in place and we could see God’s hand moving and putting things in place.

We are so thankful and blessed to have board member Chantelle Carlson and her family step up and take on leadership of the camp as the Interim Executive Director, I ask that you bathe Chantelle and her family in prayer.  Mark Cooper’s calendar has opened up enough that he could comeback on the board. We have another individual who is thinking very seriously about joining the board. Summer Staff, camp speakers are all ready to go. We’ve even been contacted by past supporters who want to get involved again.  The Church partnership program that was shelved a few years ago has been resurrected and we have started visiting churches to build those partnerships. We’ve even had the opportunity to interview a couple who are looking to bring their 20 plus years of camp leadership experience to Blue Bronna, discussions are on-going so yes, another prayer item.

I can’t go beyond this point without commenting on funding.  Yes, funding is still an issue. Day to day operations, staff, animals, the director’s cabin and site development for expansion all need funding.  We appeal for your help in two ways: First, donations. There is no amount too small, for example, if 150 people give $10.00 that pays for 1 staff for the summer.  The second, is prayer. We are all in the same boat and understand that there isn’t always extra dollars available to give has donation but, you can pray. I mean pray for a specific individual or organization in your circle of influence who might be able to help, pray that God might touch their hearts to support the camp. I thank you in advance for the generosity of your time in prayer and of your funds.

Finally, although I’ve enjoyed being the Interim Chairman for the last year it is time for me to step down.  God has also blessed me personally by giving me more opportunity to provide pulpit supply to a couple of local congregations. Between preparing a messages, a full time job and being on a couple of boards. I do not feel I can adequately provide leadership to the board and I’m concerned it will have adverse affects on the camp.  Although I’m stepping down from the Interim Chairman position, I will continue being a board.

There is good news, at our last board meeting Mark Cooper was nominated and unanimously voted in as the new Interim Chairman. Mark brings many years of history with the camp and is well respected within the camp and pack trip associations and the community around the camp.  I think that will be a big plus for Blue Bronna. Keep Mark and his family in your prayers.

Again thank you for your support and in the immortal words of an old cowboy who I’m sure loved camp as much as we all do, Roy Rogers:
“Happy Trails”

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